Company portrait

The windows are the eyes of a house. This simile describes aptly the fact that guides us to think about the importance of the windows to the appearance of each house which surpasses their purpose.

Their size, proportions of dimensions, their segmentation and arrangement on a construction ensemble have the same importance as the connection to each room whose size and purpose cannot be distinguished from the outside.

We cannot change them by doing violence to the building that might change its look and style. That goes not only for the imposing buildings whose character is taken down in public subconscious – even an apparently modest house is often an important part of its neighbourhood that historians entitle by the fine-sounding name ´´Ensemble´´. A missing tooth in the line can disfigure the face of a man. ´´God lives in detail´´, which is the characterization expressed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the most famous architects of our century. That goes not only for a modest house in a closed surrounding but also for each window made in the frontage of the house.

Since 1991 the company Antikhaus Ltd. has been an important manufacturer of wooden windows not only for administration buildings and listed buildings but also for community buildings. In 1996 the company moved to a new factory in Rychnov near Jablonec nad Nisou.

The factory has been equipped with modern machinery. Thanks to the production technology our company is able to cope with difficult and big orders. In the course of the production the quality of products is constantly inspected.

The surface finish of windows takes place in a modern plant of lacquering. The system of the protection of wood is on the high level. According to the standards we use the system of four levels of wood coating and finishing varnishes. We protect the environment and for that reason we work only with acrylic watered down colours.

We produce windows or front doors of any form and size. The windows straight, oblique, round, arched, segmented.

We do not know the expression ´´we cannot´´.

Milestones of the company

Three associates launched the company Antikhaus in Essenheim (Germany).
The implementation of the renovation of windows and doors in the surrounding of Mainz.
The cooperation with an experienced company specialized in the manufacture of windows in Ridlingen.
The beginning of the specialized manufacture of windows for historic buildings.
The building of the own manufacture of windows with 10 colleagues in Saxony.
The expansion of the portfolio of products and production capacity.
The development of jamb windows – and doubled and equally safety windows for listed buildings.
The further expansion of the construction tasks and the first orders across Germany.
The standards of the further development of the company requested the projection and construction of a new production room with the floor space 4000 m2 in conformity with the newest technological procedures and ecological standards in Rychnov near Jablonec nad Nisou.
A complete removal of the manufacture to the new room with 38 employees.
The implementation of several big orders like the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Central Station in Leipzig, Post Office in Berlin, Chancellery in Dresden and other orders.
The company Antikhaus was awarded the Federal prize of the protection of listed buildings for the handicraft production of windows.
The development of the new production programmes and special structures for the windows ´´Fachwerk´´.
The training of our employees in conformity with the newest standards ISO 2000.
 The expansion of the renovation programme and equally the expansion of the management pursuing the quality established for the renovation programme.
The development of the new production procedures and movements concentrated on private and minor listed buildings.
The creation of the system of dealers in Germany.
The entry to the Czech market, presentation of the company at important fairs in the Czech Republic.
The renewal of the technological park and the passage to CNC machines.
The implementation of the first orders in Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
The implementation of the important orders in the Czech Republic, mainly in Prague.
The beginning of our activity in Belgium.
The implementation of other important orders in Prague.
The number of colleagues – 52.
The opening of the company offices for Switzerland in Zurich and for Spain in Barcelona.
The preparation for the representation offices in Belgium and Russia.