Products and Technology

Historic buildings need a special structure of windows and doors to keep their style and special appearance.
Thanks to many years´ experience concerning the recondition and renovation of the windows, thanks to the cooperation with experts in preservation of monuments and architects we have worked out the structural solution which preserves aesthetic of old buildings and facilitates the application of insulating glazing and other contemporary practical components.
The newest structure physical qualities are - in relation to the standards of energy, acoustics and safety – the further qualities which in spite of the thin profiles are fulfilled and certified by the tests implemented by famous test institutes.
Our products are characteristic thanks to:
  • Individual copy according to the original – windows and doors with an insulating glazing
  • Thin profiles
  • Wings with the right weatherboards made of one piece of wood
  • There are not corner joints (without industrial fissure)
  • The decorative segmentation of windows
  • The same further details according to the original
Thanks to our know-how, advanced machines and inexhaustible number of milling instruments, equally thanks to many years´ experience of our colleagues we are able to submit reasonable offers for our products.
This goes not only for minor orders but also for orders implemented in government imposing buildings.
Our windows were awarded the Federal prize of the protection of listed buildings for the handicraft production of windows.
We produce
  • Individual windows
  • Jamb windows
  • Double windows
  • Thin profile windows
  • Vertically sliding windows
  • Special structures
  • Panelling and facing
  • Eurowindows – Softline IV 68
  • Accessories

of any style

made of any variety of wood

varnished, wood coated, impregnated with oil or wax, of any colour

We produce

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